Artists in Print
Artists in Print | 24 June - 14 July

Artists in Print

Isnotgallery presents the group exhibition A.I.P. (Artists in Print), showcasing pieces by eight Cypriot artists.The works on display are digital reproductions of the originals, which were produced for the aforementioned exhibition. The artists participating are Maria Andreou, Klitsa Antoniou, Eleni Pratsi, Chara Polycarpou, Efi Savvides, Melina Shukuroglou, Philippos Vasiliades and Stelios Votsis.

Looking at the trends of the international art market, it cannot be disputed that this has began to change and that the buyers are becoming increasingly sceptical, placing art in the sphere of “luxuries”. Art, though, is not a luxury but a produce of society that has become a necessity of our everyday living.

By proposing the pilot exhibition A.I.P. (Artists in Print) we plan to review the practicality of the art market and look into new tendencies. Our aim is to offer art in an alternative way and at low prices.

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