Andros Efstathiou

Andros Efstathiou was born in Cyprus in 1974. He studied fine art photography in Athens (1994-1998).

He is the founder of isnotgallery, a contemporary art gallery inaugurated in 2008 in Nicosia, Cyprus, which showcases the work of distinguished contemporary artists from Cyprus and abroad, in both solo and group exhibitions.

He has participated in a number of notable exhibitions in Cyprus and overseas.

His Nicosia International Airport collection has attained international status. It was exhibited at Evripides gallery in Athens in 2017, under the curatorial oversight of Marios Teriade Eleftheriades. This was preceded by a spot in the official programme of the Photo Biennale of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Thessaloniki in 2014. During the Cypriot presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2012, photographs from the NIA collection were selected to illustrate the cover of the tome that was presented to foreign delegations. It is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Thessaloniki. Several photographs from the NIA project have found their way into the permanent collections of such institutions as the European Central Bank, the Museum of Greek Folk Art, the National Gallery of Art in Cyprus, the Central Bank of Cyprus, as well as a number of Cypriot and European private collections.

Other projects include As they Suited a Lot, a group exhibition held at the Bath House of the Winds (Athens) as part of the official Kavafis Year celebrations. He also took part in Contemporary Art from Cyprus at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt in 2017, an exhibition curated by Dr. Britta Von Compenhausen.

His photographic collection Camel Trophy 2000 won the first prize at Fuji Film International.

His list of professional collaborations includes K magazine, a publication of Cyprus’s Kathimerini newspaper, and several Greece-based fashion magazines, news agencies and advertising firms.

He lives and works in Nicosia.

Selected group exhibitions
2023, Future Is Now, curator: Andros Efstathiou, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2022 Inland, curator: Andros Efstathiou, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2022 Island, curator: Andros Efstathiou, Almyra Boutique Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus
2020 We are Still Alive, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2020 Lush Art in Austere Times, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2019 Everything is Connected, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2018 The King is Coming, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2017 Contemporary Art from Cyprus, curator: Dr. Britta Von Compenhausen, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
2016 Isnotgallery goes to Almyra, Almyra boutique hotel, Paphos, Cyprus
2014 As they Suited a Lot, Kavafis year, Bath House of the Winds, Athens, Greece
2014 Nicosia International Airport, part of the official programme of the photo biennale of the Museum of Contemporary Photography MOMUS, Thessaloniki, Greece

Selected solo exhibitions
2021 Thalassofiliti, isnotagallery, curator: Elena Parouti, Nicosia, Cyprus,
2018 Instantάνε, isnotgallery Nicosia, Cyprus
2017 Nicosia International Airport, curator: Marios Teriade Eleftheriades, Evripides Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 Nicosia International Airport, Anassa Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus
2015 The People of Cyprus, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2013 Dark Side of Myself, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2012 Nicosia International Airport, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2011 Sea, International Centre of Culture (Munich Zeit Centrum), Munich, Germany
2009 Oblivion, isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2005 Loneliness, Artos Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus