artist submissions

Isnotgallery welcomes submissions from artists at any stage of their career, without limitations on theme, discipline, material or medium.

If you would like to submit your work, send us a link or photographs at

Please do not use Facebook or any other social media channel. We typically respond within a few days. If your work is accepted, you can use WeTransfer to send high resolution images.

venue hire

Isnotgallery is located in the heart of Old Nicosia and boasts ample square footage of open-plan floor and high ceilings: an ideal setting for a range of events, including exhibitions, corporate parties, book launches, lectures, fundraisers and more.

If you would like to hire isnotgallery for your next event, please send us an email at

ancillary services

Curatorial consultation

Putting together an art collection is a daunting task — pitfalls abound. Our hard-won knowledge of the art world, both local and overseas, allows us to offer valuable guidance in selection and procurement, as well as in other aspects of collecting.

Aspiring collectors can contact us at

Gifts for corporate clients

A gift is a signal of appreciation and gratitude. It helps cement human relationships. Mass-produced, cookie-cutter trinkets send the wrong signal. A limited series of exquisitely crafted and individually signed artisanal items sends the right signal.

If you prefer the latter, we can tap into our extensive network of artists and craftspersons in order to make the necessary arrangements.

Please direct relevant inquiries to