See Through my Eyes

See Through my Eyes

Natasa Socratous Epaminonda’ solo exhibition

Opening: Saturday 9 October 2021 at 18:00

Duration: Saturday 9 until Wednesday 27 October 2021

Safe pass: necessary

Curated by Andros Efstathiou

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Mrs Fotini Papadopoulou

isnotgallery presents Natasa Socratous Epaminonda’s new solo exhibition See Through my Eyes from 9 until 27 October 2021.

The series See Through my Eyes uses colour as a means to explore how emotions -both the artist’s and viewer’s – can be shaped and altered, as well as how the choice of colour determines the positive from the negative. The power of colour and its metamorphic ability to pervade the surrounding space invites the public to discern emotions through the subject matter. As the artist herself notes “I want to convey strong emotions and emotionally charged messages to the viewer, emphasising on the expression of my inner experience, both directly and spontaneously”.

The portraits in the series See Through my Eyes create an environment in the space of isnotgallery that is primarily determined by the colour compositions and combinations, as well as the feelings they evoke. The distinct layers of vibrant block colour brushstrokes focus on the emotion of female faces, as opposed to a strict portrait form. Often the form of the face-object fades into the background via stray brushstrokes, while in other cases the combinations of bright colours are contrasted on a white or monochrome frame. Through her personal lens, the artist combines a chaotic element with a joyous feeling which results from the colour palette. For the artist herself, the use of cheerful colours was an imperative personal need: “Since we all stayed home (note: due to measures taken for the management of the pandemic), I had the opportunity to use my time creatively […]. The difficult times which we all went through, became my motivation to “exorcise” the evil through art and to freely imprint my thoughts and feelings on the canvas”.

As in her previous series, the artist deals with the female: the female figure, the […] face, the […] expression, the […] feelings and emotions. In the portraits presented in this exhibition, the artist focuses on the eyes of her subjects to be of a central point of reference in the works, as she explains. Both the angle of the face and the eyes in each work are what determine the oomph, as she explains. Through abstract techniques, or a sketchy style, the freedom of the painting process is revealed. The irregular brushstrokes allow the feelings of the artist, in a way, to be revealed: The nervousness of uncertainty.

Opening hours

Tuesday-Friday/10:00-13:00-15:00-18:00 — Saturday/11:00-14:00

11 Odysseos Street, Old Nicosia

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