“Untitled” – Andros Efstathiou
"Untitled" - Andros Efstathiou Photography exhibition

“Untitled” – Andros Efstathiou

Is not gallery presents “Untitled”, a fine art photography by Andros Efstathiou, on Friday 17 December 2010, at 8pm.

Maria Efstathiou wrote about the photographer’s work:

Night can be one’s friend. Or it might be one’s foe. But most frequently it takes one on a journey. During those dark hours, at the backstage of day’s doing, occurs the fermentation of what is to unfold at daybreak. This is the primary narration in the photographs which Andros Efstathiou exhibits in his current show – images from the dark half of the day and of sceneries that connote to theatrical sets of a sinister (future) performance.

The mysticism that Efstathiou’ s photographs bare, could come in comparison to that which Edward Munch captures in his painting “Scream”, or even to that which Francis Bacon achieves in his work “Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X”. The only difference, though, is that in the case of the aforementioned photographer’s work, apprehension is not expressed through a screaming portrait, but through the elements that are, and remain, silent. The elements in Efstathiou’ s photographs, as well as their qualities, allow the audience to narrate them at will. Human figures are mostly an absent element, but human existence is implied throughout this series of photographs. Furthermore, the sets have surrealistic connotations. Theatricality, one of the predominant characteristics of Efstathiou’ s works, remains of core essence in this series of images.

According to Kant, aesthetics is what is experienced when an object stimulates one’s emotions, intellect and imagination. Consequently, in Efstathiou’ s case the audience is called to respond to familiar images that stimulate the abovementioned three senses.

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